Blog Post 1

Title: Pressure Trains

Timeline: 10 years

A train that uses compressed air as its source of power instead of fuel. Most modes of transportation such as cars, trains, and planes are responsible for most of the emissions polluting our air. A train contained in a tube of controlled air wouldn’t be restricted by friction and could approach speeds up to 600 mph. This would make transportation more efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly. The cost for a project like this would be 50-60 million per Km.



One thought on “Blog Post 1

  1. This is a very interesting idea on the sheer development of technology. The idea is intriguing and it poses many new questions. One question I would consider is, are there any examples of this use of technology? It would help to see an example of a place that has this already integrated into their transportation system or at least a diagram of the technology to help others better understand the use of compressed air rather than fuel. I would also ask how the tube contains the compressed air and how that compressed is generated. I am sure there is still a need for energy usage when it comes to compressed air. Where is this energy coming from to make this technology possible? Is it through burning fossil fuels? or through energy efficient means?


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