Climate Time Machine

While doing research on ideas for this blog post i came across something i have never seen before, it is called a “Climate Time Machine”. The idea was developed by NASA and gives the viewers an analysis of climate change throughout a time line that someone can simply just pick a year to present day. Emphasizing on sea ice, carbon dioxide, sea level, and global temperature ratings dating back to previous years showing a significant change. I do feel like this would cause awareness to UIC students, having a live map maybe in certain places in the student center or library on a large screen that shows from slide to slide each topic. Maybe even putting a similar time machine on UIC’s sustainability website to raise more awareness. Looking at the changes from previous years to now i am shocked to see how the climate has drastically changed and i recommend my classmates to check the time machine out. The hyperlink is provided below.

NASA Climate Time Machine

Estimated Budget: $4,000


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