Compostable Products

Project Title: Compostable Products

Project timeline: Estimated 6 months to a year to put into place

Preliminary Project Budget: $25,000

Project Description:

This proposal involves generating less waste through the use of biodegradable compostable products at UIC.

Compostable products are a better option in comparison to non-degradable products. Compostable products will break down in a reasonable amount of time while having released valuable nutrients into the soil that help plants and trees grow. The compostable products degrade within a few months in an industrial composting facility without producing toxic residues (The Green Office).

Here at UIC, the convenience stores in the student centers do not use biodegradable, compostable products. Plates, bowls, cups, bags and utensils are being thrown away in the trash bins all over campus. UIC has a food-scrap composting program for the UIC student center dining halls (UIC Office of Sustainability). This is a great start to composting. We can expand the composting program into working with the campus stores as well. UIC would have to switch over to buying from an eco-friendly company that sells compostable items. With the use of compostable items on campus, the need for compost collection bins arise. These bins could be places next to the recycle/ trash bins all over campus.

UIC waste management would find an industrial composting facility to send the compostable waste to. Switching over to compostable products on campus would help reduce carbon emissions made from trash in landfills. This change would help improve the sustainability at UIC.



One thought on “Compostable Products

  1. I like this idea, I think it would be beneficial for everyone. I think the best way to start this is one step at a time and see how people are motivated to do it because (similarly) there are a lot of people who throw recyclable items in the trash.


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