Flames Don’t Burn Through Unnecessary Paper: Printer Reform at UIC

Printers at UIC print out an unnecessary page of paper that could be saved up and utilized for something else. This project looks to eliminate that page of paper which would reduce wasted sheets and go toward other printing tasks. UIC students print at different stations all around campus and paper at each of these stations faces going to waste and costing the university more than it should pay for (in terms of costs for paper). The timeline for this project would take up to a few months to ensure each printer on UIC’s campus is updated. Each printing station would be updated at separate times to maintain order, proper function and accessibility for students. A budget for this project would be used to update printers, and effects of this project could be immediately in terms of savings for the university and computer labs. Paper budgets at UIC will see a decline in costs and no there will be no guilty conscious when throwing away unused paper. Printing stations would not have to shut down a printer just to change paper and would go longer without disrupting students. Saving trees by saving paper on campus is an easy change that every student can get behind. We are the Flames and we will no longer burn through unnecessary paper.


3 thoughts on “Flames Don’t Burn Through Unnecessary Paper: Printer Reform at UIC

  1. Awesome Idea, I am in full support of this idea because I always print at the computer labs and it prints unnecessary receipts that students don’t need.


  2. This is project idea that I would like to participate in and submitting a LOl, because this offers a solution to a problem that is costing UIC thousands of dollars every year.


  3. This is something I wondered about since my first semester at UIC (fall ’16). I understand it is to help students grab the correct printed sheets, but I do not see it as a necessity. Students should be able to identify which papers are theirs without the first sheet of paper that has their names and UIC net IDs. It is something UIC needs to stop doing.


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