Green Bikes

Timeline: May 2017 – August 2017

Description: There are a lot of different ways that CO2 is emitted into the environment. One of the bigger factors to this is everyday traffic. Whether it be a person driving to work or people riding the CTA, both of these situations contribute to the alarming CO2 levels present in the environment. A way that this could be prevented though would be switching from transportation by car or bus to cycling. Amsterdam for example is home to at least 800,000 bikes with at least a quarter of all trips being carried out by bicycle. Amsterdam only has a population of roughly 800000 people while Chicago has about 2 million, if Chicago could achieve that same proportion, it would be a great step in combating CO2 emissions.

The project caters to both experienced bike mechanics and newcomers, with the hope of having those new to cycling to gain hands on knowledge on how to take apart and fix older bikes. The idea is that experienced mechanics would supervise the project, helping people newer to the cycling world set up a shop that would fix donated bicycles. Once the bicycles are restored to good shape they should be donated among the community in order to attempt to spread awareness on CO2 emissions due to traffic and how that can be reduced by simply riding a bike. There are also departments at UIC such as the Police Department or the Parking Services Department that are designated bikes by the University only for the bikes to sit around. Receiving donations of bikes that do not see enough use would also be encouraged.

Project Budget: $5000

Environmentalism and the Bicycle


1 thought on “Green Bikes

  1. This idea is very considerate and would greatly help others. You could potentially offer brief sessions for people to learn how to fix their bikes themselves as well. A lot of people have bikes just sitting around, they might as well do something with them or get them encouraged to use them.


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