Green Gateway

Timeline: February 2017-Foreseable Future

Budget: $15,000-$25,000

Recently I have heard many suggestions from my peers that if there were more “green” on campus they would feel more comfortable and excited on UIC’s campus. With the tearing down of the brick wall on the North side of campus on Harrison street an enormous space is opened up that would be able to foster a new landscape. This newly formed plot should be turned into an area of green grass and blossoming plants that makes our campus more inviting to animal life and people.  This landscape would include large trees to provide shade in the summer and cover from the elements during all the seasons, roses and sunflowers to bring color to our campus, a small garden section to grow foods that can be used in dorm kitchens or campus kitchens, and gravel pathways instead of concrete. Although we have a large green area directly next to the proposed site, it does nothing more than provide some green grass next to our walkways and our community needs more of an engaging and interactive green space. As mentioned in the Campus Wild, “Campus gardens also offer valuable teaching opportunities. Many sites are student-run, providing practical, hands-on learning experiences not only in farming and gardening, but also in business management, community relations, and nature observation. Gardens are used for research projects in many disciplines, and provide places for refection and creativity.”Not only does the garden produce food but it helps to create an environment for higher learning and bringing green space to our concrete jungle. I also referenced Bright View2 which is a company that specializes in creating large scale landscapes to understand the process better. All in all our campus and community would greatly benefit from a new green landscape.



1. Jones, Kristy, Courtney Cochran, David J. Eagan, and Juliana Goodlaw-Mooris. “Food Producing Gardens.” The Campus Wild(n.d.): 23. National Wildlife Federation. Web. 3 Feb. 2017.

2. “Learn.” College Campus Landscaping Services | University Landscape Maintenance | BrightView. Accessed February 03, 2017.



One thought on “Green Gateway

  1. I feel like this would be an awesome idea for the city and the students of UIC. While living in Florida i had a greenway right by my house and i always found it useful for myself. I think it would make people come outside more often to enjoy the beautiful and peaceful views. Especially in todays society where being in shape is a trend. Overall i feel like UIC should definitely look into this to make use of its extra space for the better of the community.


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