Green Walls

Title: Green Walls

Budget: around $100 per sq. foot

Timeline: fully flourished not much later than a year, and may last as many as 25 depending on conditions.

Description: Not only would green walls brighten up our space which increases morale and productivity, but indoor air quality would increase, carbon dioxide would decrease, and the real estate industry would profit. There are a number of drab concrete buildings on UIC’s campus that could use this green boosting up. The school comes with a great view of many incredible buildings on the skyline, and adding a bit of green would expand the beauty a bit. The introduction of green walls to either the indoor or outdoor walls of some buildings at UIC would provide some great benefit., whose information is backed by peer reviewed research, explains how plants can convert toxic chemicals from our air into food while producing clean oxygen for us to breathe. There is also research that shows green walls can allow for lowering the shading coefficient which may cause a sort of insulation effect depending on the design, reducing carbon dioxide and stress levels of community members. Indoor, displays can include anything from window sized, to entire walls, while outdoor, typically a trellis type system is installed for vines and ground rooted plants.  It is possible to introduce older grown plants, but the transplanting might be difficult on some buildings. There are many different shapes these walls can take on as well. Depending on the amount of investment available, specialty shapes and designs can be made, and community members can offer their suggestions as well. It would be impossible to deny that a fair amount of caretaking would be necessary for the maintenance of the plants, indoor more than out, but there are certain irrigation systems available as well as community participation.




2 thoughts on “Green Walls

  1. I enjoyed reading your post.
    Your idea is very architectural and could benefit if you are able to specify vegetation type and identify certain drawbacks of having exposed hardscape (heat island for example) Also, by giving numbers and comparison charts of long term saving on heating and cooling costs will add value to your proposal.

    Since i am an architecture major i believe that working with you on this proposal will benefit the project since we can share our resources and skills to develop it to the next level.


  2. I agree with the idea of making UIC a greener place and with the idea of green walls would be a great visual. The campus has a dull color with some big buildings that take up a lot of the scenery and added green walls would create a break in visuals. This would contrast the area and would be more pleasant to walk around. The idea shows design potential to create a modern looking campus. Most of what we see around campus is just walls that could provide more ideas and the UIC could use an update on how the campus feels. Going along with your point of how there are many different shapes that can be applied can have a more changing design from area to area or building to building.


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