Caretakers of the Environment has been an annual summer environmental conference that I have attended since I was 13. The conference works in mysterious, yet beautiful, ways in order to discuss very difficult environmental issues and also, bring humanity closer together. Students from all over the world join together to view new perspectives and describe their own.  The country that hosts finds sponsorship to help pay for the hospitality and events of the conference. Not only must the hosting country find a place for over 200 students and faculty to stay at, but they must also find field trips that a number that is that large can all attend. The hosts must provide an educational experience not only filled with environmental awareness, but also cultural relativism.  In 2013, the conference was supposed to be held in Chicago, but unfortunately, the funding fell through. I believe if UIC were to host such a beautiful conference,  foreign students attending would be able to have more of an understand of Urban Sustainability, and may even contribute to the evolution of a sustainable campus. The cost of the conference depends on how much sponsorship the conference can receive through advertisements and discussions. The students attending pay for their flight and their registration fee, this fee covers food and room. The teachers pay also the registration fee and the flight, but also a fee for special accommodations. The alumni pay for their flight while the hosts cover the price of registration.

Possible Budget: $10,000


(Left to Right) Author Nadia young, Samuel Thelaus from Sweden, Emily Ausman and Samuel Simas from Oregon, Νικολέτα Παπουτσάκη from Greece, and to Данил Гордин from Russia attempting to spread environmental wisdom through games. The alumni team challenged the students to create outfits using things found in nature. This includes trash,plants, and even food; This was the result.


2 thoughts on “#HostCei2017

  1. This project is a really great way to integrate environmental awareness to a diverse group of young people. My question is where would you plan to advertise this?

    Sidenote: make sure you tag Blog 1 for your post! (^:


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