Reusable Water

Recycle H2o

This project will start from January 2017-Present.

This project will help develop new ways to recycle water and inform people on how to conserve water. Students will research new ways that UIC can start to conserve/recycle water. According to The National Academies of Science Engineering and Medicine there two ways to recycle water one is nonpotable and the other is potable reuse.Non Potable water is water use for non drinking purpose and potable is water used for drinking purposes. We could use this project to come up with more cost-efficient ways to create potable water and ways to use non potable water. For example, UIC can reuse wastewater to water plants and etc. That would be an excellent way to recycle water instead of letting it go to waste. According to the EPA, most recycled water is used for non drinkable purposes such as watering plants, public parks, landscape, and etc. This project will also include hosting presentations, seminars and etc to spread the word on how to conserve/recycle water. This will make sure people are informed on how much water is being wasted in the United States and how people can start to conserve water.

The budget for this project will cost about 15,000 dollars to 20,000 dollars. Hosting presentations, seminars and printing flyers won’t cost very much. Doing research and coming up with new ways to recycle water also should cost very much. Most of the money for this project will be coming from ways to reuse non potable water on UIC grounds.




2 thoughts on “Reusable Water

  1. I like your idea about recycling water and informing people on how to conserve it. I like how you proposed ways such as presentations and seminars to get the word out there.


  2. This is similar in a sense to my idea with a water collection system which is great, people can relate to one another! I think this is a good idea, but in terms of recycling water, ideally I believe that there would be a much-needed filtering system because no one would want to sit on grass that has saliva on it (if that’s a thing). Though, is there an incentive for people to do this?


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