Step right

The project aims to provide real time information to audience in an attempt to raise awareness and alter behavior towards more informed decisions.

The project will identify elevators with high traffic in Student Center East and provide graphically engaging informative posters stating health benefits of using stairs.

Information can include but is not limited to; number of calories burned walking a flight of stairs, cardiovascular improvement, alertness etc. will be addressed with aid of text and graphics.

In doing so the project aims to address sustainability goals of improving human health, raising awareness and promoting informed decisions, while also contributing towards reducing energy consumption as audiences transition from elevators to stairs.

The project can be temporary or a permanent installation in high traffic elevators at Student Center East and can be implemented campus wide as well for greater results.

The project can be implemented within 10 days after approval.

5 days – Design of poster*

5 days – Placing posters

*The poster design can be introduced as a competition between students.


Estimated Budget- approx. $400-$700 (Printing Cost only)


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