Plastic Bottles for Art

Project Title – Plastic Bottles for Art

Project Timeline – 4 weeks

Week 1 – discussion on where the plastic bottles can be stored at.

Week 2 – where to get plastic bottles

Week 3 – get more recycle bins all over campus in order to get more plastic bottles

Week 4- pick times to have events for the public/for students to make their own art

Project Description

When there is a lot recycled of recycled, this will keep the environment clean with less pollution. With the used plastic bottles, we can use it to make art with. This would be good way to show some creativity from students. Being able to stop pollution and helping students release some stress out with making art from plastic bottles would be nice. There is a huge problem with plastic bottle usage and disposing the bottles. There have been bottles in lakes/rivers and other different areas, where it can endanger animals. With the art being made, we can donate it to hospitals or areas where sick children needs some type of support. Helping the sick people will brighten up the day of sick kids.

Budget = Varies
The preliminary project budget would be the cost of recycle bins, tape(duct tape), glue, and craft materials. These materials are going to be needed to make art with the plastic bottles. Also, the recycle bins placed just for plastic bottles would help gather and stop pollution from the bottles.


5 thoughts on “Plastic Bottles for Art

  1. I think this is a great idea it would use up bottles so they do not end up in a lake somewhere. There are so many uses for bottles, take the Hull House for example they have reused bottles on the windows!


  2. Great idea! This is a topic I also want to learn more about. I’ve always used plastic water bottles and I want to start limiting my usage. Turning it into art is such a unique idea. One thing I would think more about is, how often do we change out these bottles and where do they go after these pieces are taken down. If this idea goes well and people are actually recycling their water bottles, where will excess materials go? Although this gives people an idea of what beautiful art this can make, will it also encourage them to use more bottles so it can be created in to art?


  3. I actually haven’t thought about this or even seen art in this way until this post. I googled images of the kind of art that can be made from plastic bottles and it was very interesting. I think applying this kind of art in elementary schools or high schools would be awesome. While our world is advancing, schools are still very traditional with teaching styles, ideas like this one would be great to implement.


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