UIC Campus Housing innovates to Wall Slots

Project Timeline:  May 15, 2017- August 15, 2017

Potential Budget: $20,000 per building

All UIC housing will be equipped with wall slots starting for all students living in campus housing next semester. This will motivate the university thrive towards a green university which will also promote energy use awareness. This is a modern concept acquired by the European hotel industry, and is being used everywhere outside of the United States. Bringing this to dorm residence halls in the US will create awareness and educate the youth. Students tend to leave the lights and TV on while away from the dorm room. Wall slots are designed to shut off your electricity while you are away. When you get back to your room, simply insert you iCard into the wall slot to activate the electricity. A lot of students have small fridges in the dorm that need to remain on at all time. A solution is, in each dorm room there will be on outlet where it remains on regardless of the key slot. This will allow students to keep their fridge on, or charge their laptops while they are away. This project will be in duration of 3 months costing about $20,000 for one resident building, but saving the university nearly $8,000 annually per residence hall. The project will begin implementation with JST towers. This is an opportunity to not only reduce cost for the university but reduce wasted energy. This will increase awareness with a slight change to student habits because students need their iCard around campus daily.  A research done at Rutgers university tested typical power consumption with multiple lamps, desks, and fridges in the dorm room to get an average consumption per 30 suites. This resulted in 22,000 kwh per month cost $.13/kwh costing around $2800. The percentage savings is 20% which means the university will save around $8000 per year just from one dorm building.



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2 thoughts on “UIC Campus Housing innovates to Wall Slots

  1. I am not sure if you live on campus or not or if you need things plugged in all the time. Many students have fish tanks or have roommates so they will turn the lights off in some areas of your dorm room so some can sleep. This would shut down your electricity for some plugs and the lights. And I am not sure if you also realize how many electronics we have and only 4 plugs to share and if 2 of them shut of every time you took your i-card this would be a nightmare.
    Not only that but the I-card themselves hold there own problem of not working when inserted or misplacing them in the dark and needing light to find it however you can’t have light because you don’t know where you card is.
    Lastly there would also need to be an increase in maintenance workers because there would not doubt be problems more often than not and it would probably be too much to have this in every dorm room. Even placing them in common rooms can be dangerous as people will forget there cards or there card will be stolen.
    Although this is a good idea I do not think it would work as well as you may think in dorms. Other buildings yes.


    • Oh yes one spot on the wall isnt enough.
      Student A: Fish Tank, Fridge, Humidifier, Laptop
      Student B: Fridge, Laptop etc

      See how this would not be able to work…. you may even promote dangerous habits of overusing the plug if they need extensions and fill all the slots


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