UIC Conservational Forestry Initiative

Project Timeline:

I believe this project will take approximately 2-3 years to be established. Although I do believe there is plenty of different improvements that can be made to help out the effort.

Project Location:

                East campus, park near UH and park near SEO

Project Description:

UIC has lots of different garden areas and small parks. I think that this is a good step towards a greener campus but I feel like there is a lot more to be done in an effort of restoration, considering the amount of degradation and habitat destruction experienced in an urban environment. UIC should spend more time converting the parks into forested area. I have gotten the idea from Erik Anderson that inhabitants of an urban environment express no real connection towards nature and I would really love that to change. We as a human species are connected to nature and shouldn’t separate apart from it due to technological advancement.

This project will be all about providing students and visitors of UIC an urban forest to learn from and connect with. Trees have lots of benefits and can help UIC out with some problems it has had in the past. For instance, storm water would be reduced, carbon dioxide would be consumed, and energy would be saved via utilities heating. The Arbor Day foundation does a good job at showing these impacts. UIC would lose less money to heating bills and have less issues among storm runoff, making everyone happier. Also, an urban forest would benefit the biodiversity of UIC’s campus by giving different animal’s habitats, food and sanctuary from the urban world.

The project would mainly focus on planting more trees, but also ground level plants like bushes and herbs, flowers and compost from any given source (preferably the UIC cafeteria). This eventually would grow into a self-sustainable system, it would just need compost or mulch to be added, but compost would be taken from the cafeteria which is food scrap UIC already has.

Project Budget:

Approximately $750-1000 for trees and plants

Cost savings from lawn maintenance, heating, storm water reparations





2 thoughts on “UIC Conservational Forestry Initiative

  1. Love this idea! I think any additional greenery on campus would be beneficial, no matter how big or small the area. I think this could even bring students together in helping build these trees. There’s definitely not enough green space on campus and it wouldn’t take to long get it started once the weather permits.

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  2. This would be an amazing idea. If UIC has a developing forest near the campus researchers will be able to gather data on the urban impact on wildlife. Forests can also help UIC save money like you said! Corinne G. Bassett made a report about the potential cost benefits of having trees near an urban University Campus. The report was done on the University of Pennsylvania and it is worth checking out! The campus is able to save $51,871 per year because of its trees (Bassett, C.G, 2015).


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