UIC Students Power School Through Their Workouts

Project Timeline: April 2017-December 2017


Potential Budget: $20,000


Starting Spring of 2018, several of the machines at the UIC gym will be equipped with technology that will allow the energy produced by them to be harnessed. Cycling machines will be attached to a small black box that will convert and store the energy produced by those working out. This will be very beneficial because some of the electricity that is produced can be used to power the recreation center. It will cost about $1000 per machine to install the necessary components. I estimated that there are about 20 cycling machines that would be able to be converted to produce electricity but the budget can be adjusted accordingly. Although the power produced from these machines is very little, it allows the gym to be considered much more environmentally friendly. Also, with the extremely large number of gyms in the United States, the small amounts of electricity can add up, making UIC one of these contributors.

This project would not be difficult to implement, nor would it take a long time. The generators could be installed quickly, within 6 months. I would give it more time just to be able to allocate for the funding and the implementation process, considering that the gym will have to be closed while the equipment is installed. However, this project would be another step towards making UIC a more sustainable school.






One thought on “UIC Students Power School Through Their Workouts

  1. I believe this can be a very interesting project because people already put in plenty of hours simply riding a stationary bike. Why not make them produce energy as well? If this was implemented it would allow people to enjoy their regular routines, but also reducing utility costs of the facility while increasing the efficiency of the building. An idea that you may want to address alongside the idea of converting stationary bikes as energy generating machines is, how can more machines at the gym create energy? How can the activities and workouts people do at the gym be converted into energy? Not only looking at the efficiency of bikes, but maybe lifting machines and other machines found in the gym.


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