Worm Bins

Project Description

Probably seen as an elementary school demonstration, Worm bins have their uses and further flourish gardens with their natural compost and special worm juice. To correlate with UIC’s Heritage Garden, with eight of them located throughout the campus, why not put around eight dedicated worms bins for each of the gardens. Students can place items in the worm bins to make compost. However, they need to be equal in browns and greens. Browns include Paper, junk mail, paper egg cartons, cardboard, dry leaves. While greens include Vegetable and fruit scraps, bread, pasta, coffee grounds and filters, tea bags, dead plant matter from houseplants.

Project Time Line: around 3 months

Estimated Budget: about $1000 for worms and bins




3 thoughts on “Worm Bins

  1. This is an awesome concept. I actually have done composting in in the past and it really does help with decreasing the trash we throw away.


  2. Great idea! This proposal could be mixed with my urban farm proposal to provide a sustainable organic compost supply and help nourish the urban farm.


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