Blog 1

Project Title:

Urban Bat Houses

Project Timeline:

Construction of the houses could take as little as a few days, but the houses must be regularly monitored during the warmer months. It could be a year long project.

Project Description:

As roof gardens, community gardens, and plant biodiversity is increasing in the city, so is the population of urban wildlife. One species that has a crucial role in our ecosystem is bats. Bats consume unwanted pests, many which harm plants, reducing the use of pesticides. Most notably, though, bats thin out the mosquito population. Also, some species of bats aid in plant pollination by spreading seeds. Although, many bats do not have feasible shelter in an urban environment. To support bat populations in the city, I propose a few bat houses to be constructed, with the guidance of experts, in discreet areas throughout the campus. Additionally, they would require monitoring. Overall, the project would educate the university on the role of bats in an urban ecosystem while also supporting the species.

Preliminary Project Budget:

The budget includes $1000 for bat detector monitoring and houses could total from $500-$1000. House


2 thoughts on “Blog 1

  1. This really would be an interesting project to do. It was be quite funny to see a couple people scared of these bats, but what would these bat houses be constructed out of? Is there any cons to having bat houses?


  2. This idea is great for a variety of reasons- thank you for such an ecologically conscience project consideration! I would hope that the installation of bat homes around campus would spread awareness of the importance of biodiversity and ecosystems in general. Additionally, considering how bats act as pest removers, this project could have a positive economic impact as well (reduced cost for pesticides/mosquito repellents). The city of Chicago and Cook County certainly would benefit from such installments. Thank you for your contribution!


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