On Campus Farmers Market

Fee: $300 cost for setup materials, profitable to farmers market

Timeline: Although fall season


The goal of the on campus farmers market is to popularize healthy eating habits among students at the University of Illinois at Chicago. This idea of selling healthy non GMO grown food on campus will be partnered with local community gardeners around the city, and enhance the method of sustainable living on campus. Vendors and spots will be provided, the main targeted area will be the quad, where most students walk through everyday on their way to class. The market will accept all sorts of method of payment so, students will not have any challenges paying. It is said that eighty percent of the students at UIC commutes or doesn’t live in the university residential dorms. Which means, most of them doesn’t have the campus meal plans and cooks on their own, this a very thoughtful idea to transform students to making better health choices as they live.








9 thoughts on “On Campus Farmers Market

  1. I really like this idea. It is something that is not hard at all to start and could attract a lot of interest. This would only be really popular early in the fall semester and late in the spring semester because those times are better conditions for growing food. But this is something that I and some of my friends would make a point to check out and participate in if this becomes an event at UIC.


  2. I love this idea, and in fact I was just talking to a friend about this. As a commuter, I usually bring my own lunch because I know UIC doesn’t have much healthier options, but even that’s challenging because sometimes I forget it at home. However, having a farmers market would be great because not only would I like to buy fresh foods, but I think that those that dorm would also appreciate having fresh foods other than school lunch.


  3. I found this to an interesting idea especially in terms of addressing the sustainability goal of addressing human health. A few aspects you can consider to develop on the idea can be;
    (a) Cost- I speculate that the cost will be much higher than $300, since vendors will require facilities such as food storage, lighting, and shelter and heating since it get does get quite cold. Perhaps suggesting a few green ways to address these costs and elements can further your project.
    (b) Reach out- It will be an important part of this project to reach out and inform students about the health and economic benefits of purchasing from the non GMO, locally produced products.
    (c) Payment- Since your target audience is UIC students, giving incentives to students to purchase these products becomes important. The introduction of discounts or rewards programs or paying through participation may be some common ways to encourage students to buy and get involved in the scheme


  4. A farmers fresh market is a good choice for eating habits. However, a students challenge is not forms of payment, but rather the payment. Bringing in fresh produce is not difficult, but the amount of produce farmers sell will be the challenge. Farmers come to urban areas to do business and make a profit. Over the summer Chicago has a farmers produce market on Washington street where corporate employees shop around. That seems more of a typical area than a college quad.


  5. This is an interesting project and i think that it is something plenty of students at UIC will be looking forward to, however, one challenge i believe this project will face is that there are plenty of vending machines all throughout the campus that sell “cheap” and “appealing” snacks. I think it would be a good idea to perhaps lower the number of vending machines all throughout the campus so that students can be attracted to this healthier option


  6. An on campus farmers market would be a great addition to UIC. I think that it would be great for not only students living in on campus dorms, but also commuters. The market would provide healthier and fresher options than the food provided on campus. I, for one, live a few blocks away from campus and would most definitely use the farmers market if there were one. The cost to set this project up would not be expensive and I also think that it is a great opportunity for local businesses to make a profit.


  7. I think the on campus farmers market is a fantastic idea. The quad is the perfect spot for it with majority of people walking through it on a daily basis. I would definitely attend and buy from the farmers market if one was brought to UIC. As for cost being a possible issue for students, I believe that faculty and other people from nearby neighborhoods would shop there as well. So I think it will be greatly utilized.


  8. This is a great idea that could be joined with my urban farm on campus proposal. the farm could produce fresh, healthy, and organic produce and at the farmers market we could sell these same products all grown on UIC soil.


  9. I think this is a great idea, especially considering that UIC doesn’t have many healthy food options. It’s interesting to see students and faculty walking around with bags from Dunkin Donuts or Wendy’s, since they are amongst some of the most popular restaurants on campus. The farmers market would definitely encourage more student to eat healthier.

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