UIC Recycle/Rent Bike Shop

1.) UIC Recycle/Rent Bike Shop

2.) This project would take anywhere from 6 months to 18 months to start up. Depending on how fast it is advertised throughout campus and surrounding neighborhoods.

3.) Although we have a couple of bike fix stations around campus, I believe they are not being used as much for two reasons: 1) Not many students own a bike because it can be costly purchasing a bicycle on top of their semester expenses. Also, most commuters rely on the train/bus to get to and from campus every day. 2.) Not all students that own a bike know how to fix their bike when something goes wrong. A UIC Recycle/Rent Bike Shop would benefit those who cannot afford their own bike by renting a recycled bike for free that was donated to UIC by people who no longer use their bikes. Having a shop for these recycled bicycles makes it easier for students that are renting to walk in and fix anything that is wrong with the bicycles or maybe just an area for any students to clean up their bicycles. It would not only be limited to students that rent from the shop.

UIC Recycle/Rent Bike Shop could also potentially have workshops on a monthly – or maybe even biweekly – basis on how to take care of a bicycle and how to fix a bicycle. The campus having a designated shop, whether it be a garage or small building space, will motivate students to start riding rather than wait for the train/bus, especially when the city has bike paths surrounding the entire campus. It will give riders a sense of belonging. The more bicycle related programs or resources UIC offers, the more likely the bicycle racks and fix stations around campus will be used.

4.) Since bicycles will be donated, the budget would pay for the space of the shop – a garage or a small building on campus or very close to the campus. It would also cover tools for maintenance, tables or racks to place bicycles on to fix them, racks to place the rental bikes until students check them out, and any advertisement needed to receive recycled bicycles and instructors to teach workshops. I would say this project would cost around $20,000, depending on if there’s already a garage or building to set up the shop. If not, it would cost more than $20k.


Funke, Daniel. “Campus Bike Recycling Programs Give Cash-strapped Students a Ride.” USA Today. Gannett Satellite Information Network, 15 Feb. 2015. Web. 08 Feb. 2017.

Campus bike recycling programs give cash-strapped students a ride



6 thoughts on “UIC Recycle/Rent Bike Shop

  1. I really like this idea and I think it has a lot of potential. I commute to school through the train and bus, and sometimes I wish I could bring a bike but it’s such a hassle having to more around with it, especially in the morning and the afternoon when trains are full. Having access to a bike on campus though, would change things up and make it easier for me to get from one class to another. I think this project would be successful at UIC.


  2. Real similar to what I was thinking about for my idea too. There is a machine shop in SEL with experienced mechanics that could possibly lower the cost for certain tools needed for bike maintenance such as allen keys and wrenches (assuming they have a surplus of tools). Interesting idea with the renting bikes out to people though. Divy is across the street and although I’ve never ridden one before, I hear they’re expensive and I’d definitely trust a standard road bike over one of those anyway, so I think that’d be a great idea to try to implement. I think UIC definitely needs a stronger campaign on the positives of biking instead of commuting by car or bus seeing as the area itself is full bike lanes. Glad to see someone else trying to push a similar agenda!

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  3. Good idea! Having a shop like this available will be a great addition to the campus. I think it’d be cool to implement a reward system or some sort of incentive to encourage students to use this shop as much as possible.


  4. I appreciate someone thinking of those who commute through ways other than motor vehicles or CTA, my apartment personally has 6 bikes between four residents and we always have to take a repair kit with us because campus does not have adequate stations. Let me know if you intend to continue with this project I would be interested.


  5. Great idea! I believe a recycle/ rent bike shop would be a great incentive for more students to cycle more often. I would get involved in this project and put to use the bike shop.


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