Air Pollution and Limit Radiation

Chicago should have more trees and have more green spaces around the city. This can help people with better fresh air. The green spaces can take in the carbon dioxide. These greener spaces can be put in the middle of big neighborhoods and more trees can be planted around areas. However, there are many people that don’t see how much trees and plants in green spaces can help the environment to clean the air. Also, trees and plants should be planted inside buildings because it can help freshen up breathing. All these little things can help with the air pollution. Currently right outside of Chicago, there is a lot of air pollution near the Chicago and Indiana border. People are currently inhaling the air into their lungs and can affect other parts of the body. There was a recent study which injuries from suffocations and asphyxiations. Asphyxiations is where the body has an abnormal breathing. Due to all the factories near the south side of Chicago, the air pollution around that area has a “yellow fog”. There isn’t really much fresh air in the area where it can cause a breathing problem for people. In the long run, expected children from pregnant women can have problems tissue and organ problems. The amount of fresh air lacks in areas.

Also, there should be charging bikes at certain areas. Human energy should be used to charge their phones because this can help reduce the energy usage. It can help both the person and phone because it can give exercise or a good work out of people to charge their phones. Also, there should every building should change their light bulbs to LEDs to save more energy which can lower the price on electricity. These are two methods to lower energy usage drastically because charging phones and lights uses up a lot of electricity. This can help conserve energy usage from using other ways to charge things. Also, these two methods can stop pollution from radiation. There are a lot of radiation pollution from just charging phones and using other light sources to light up buildings. Radiation and air pollution is causes a lot of greenhouse gases which is current a huge problem to Chicago right now.

Joseph Guan, BS, and Guohuo Li, MD, DrPH, Injury Mortality in Individuals with Autism


2 thoughts on “Air Pollution and Limit Radiation

  1. I think another way to begin to reduce pollution is to hold the factories, that are polluting heavily, responsible. If the government won’t do this, then community members should come together to protest the conditions. I believe this has happened in Little Village. Community members came together and sued the coal plants. Ultimately, the plants were closed.


  2. I agree about having more green spaces, but I don’t think they will do much to reduce carbon emissions. Carbon emissions from factories, vehicles, etc are so large compared to what a few trees could take in that I doubt it would even make a dent. However, I’m all for more green spaces. Having more areas around the city to be able to get that bit of nature would be amazing. That’s definitely one thing I feel like I’ve missed since moving here. I love nice, clean green spaces with fresh air. There’s so much pollution and dirtiness in the city, it can be overwhelming.


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