Air Pollution more likely to trigger Asthma attacks

Air pollution is a major concern in Chicago as it is visible from a great distance. The yellow layer that hovers over the city causes major health issues for the people that live within it. Many people who live in Chicago are diagnosed with asthma and air pollution only makes it worse for them. Asthma is a chronic lung disease where the airways narrow, and makes it difficult to breather. Research shows that 40 percent are more likely to acute asthma on higher pollution days than an average day. This also causes people to visit the hospital more often with higher pollution in the air. How does it cause high asthma? Ozone triggers asthma it irate the lungs when you breathe in polluted air. The ozone reduces the function of our lungs. During high pollution people with asthma should plan their activity level carefully. People should be careful exercising outdoor and should do it indoors to be safe. People should always carry their medicine in case of an emergency also.

Air pollution is a known issue and there are programs that the government has created to treat such issue. The government monitors air pollution and warns the public to be cautious when the air pollution is at greater risk. If you noticed, weather mans also warn you when the pollution is high as part of their forecast presentation. To stop air pollution, the people of the city need to change their habits of polluting. The city has Divvy bikes which are emission free that people can use to take to work instead of driving. There is also public transport which reduces the amount of emission being let out in the air.



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