Air Quality and an Aging Population

Public health is important when looking at the current aging population. Noting that, one thing that needs to be addressed is the environment that people live in. With an expected increase in population and the expectancy to live longer we have to look into factors that could affect our health. One being the air that we breath in every day. With the pollution that has be created and the industries that are depended on, it will be harder to undo the damage that has already been done. Air pollution is an important issue to look into and also to take measures to prevent excess damage. The main reason to care about the air pollution because we are constantly breathing it in. The best course of action would be to conserve energy and use other means to reduce pollution, like using your car less. The main idea is to reduce excess of our current resources and be smarter with the environment. This being obvious but living in a culture that involves a car is harder to do. Basic maintenance, better use of organic waste, and less focus on always driving a car.

The benefit of this plan would pay off in the long run more than the short run but that would be hard to sell the idea to people. The decrease in air pollution would ultimately increase people’s health. The poor condition of the air pollution would mostly affect poorer areas and older people. Everyone has to get old sometime so this would affect just about everyone so the less air pollution would be less damaging to an aging population. This idea also has a strong tie to sustainability because it would change the ways in which we use energy and the various forms of energy making them mostly renewable. This could shift more focus on a community because the focus would be less on individual and more on the collective. Better public transit, more walking, and biking would thus bring it back to the community aspect. Overall, the benefit would be better health for an aging population and better things for set population, like better air, renewable energy, focus on the environment, and an investment in the community.


Actions You Can Take to Reduce Air Pollution

WHO releases country estimates on air pollution exposure and health impact

Air pollution and public health: emerging hazards and improved understanding of risk



One thought on “Air Quality and an Aging Population

  1. I agree with the statements that you have provided. I also believe mitigating the amount of air pollution can lead to better health, but as you said it is hard to sell the idea to people. It would give a greater context on the topic if you provide some consequences of what air pollution can do to the human body and/or the environment. I believe the only way people will understand to change their lifestyles to regulate air pollution can come through the visualization of what happens to humans in bad conditions. Maybe introducing how air pollution can lead to diseases and other health issues. I believe people react more towards the consequences of sustainability issues rather than the benefits that it provides.


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