Air Quality in Chicago

Air quality in Chicago has always been a big concern of the city since as early as the 19th and 20th century. For years the heavy smog and air pollution are and is still mainly sourcing from factories and industries. Just recently, in the last few years, new factors are contributing to the problem. And despite the attempts to limit this problem, the city of Chicago still violates many air safety standards concerning the ozone layer. The increase in air pollution is directly impacting the health of the millions of people living in these unhealthy air levels. From lung health to our immune system, intense and consistent efforts need to be done in order to mitigate this issue in Chicago. Studies have even ranked this city as the sixth most “sneeziest” state in the U.S. Reports are showing that climate change and carbon emissions are inducing asthma and allergy attacks. A number of deaths, asthma attacks, and emergency room visits are results from the bad air quality related to the ozone. With such alarming data showing how much it is impacting our health, it is important to find solutions now.

In order to solve, or at the very least improve on this issue, many things can be done. For one, at the state level, we can push for an increase of investment for renewable energy sources to decrease carbon emissions or emissions from power plants. The people living in the Chicago can also contribute by using Divvy bikes or public transportation that are available all around the city. That alone can reduce air pollution by up 40%.  Completely reducing air pollution will be a long process, but small efforts can make the biggest difference in the long run.



One thought on “Air Quality in Chicago

  1. I was stunned when I found out that Chicago’s air pollution has actually been going up the past couple of years. I thought with knowledge being passed around and renewable energy pushing forward, it would be steadily decreasing. However, that’s obviously not the case, and I don’t think many people are aware of it. We need to get the word out and inform people that we’re actually polluting more! Having the government invest in renewables is a great strategy, but with Trump as president, it seems unlikely to happen in the near future. Not to mention, the state of Illinois is broke. Despite these barriers, we can still do our part as individuals. Divvy and personal bikes are a great way to go about that. I use my personal bike every day. Whenever I need to go somewhere, I always bike, unless it’s really far. That’s the only time I’ll use the CTA, but that’s still better driving a car.


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