Blog 2 Health and sustainability

A health concern in Chicago is air pollution. When living in a metropolitan city like Chicago it’s hard not to air pollution. The air is being polluted by factors, cars, and etc. All this air pollution affects the health of everyone, but it especially affects the poor who live near these factories. The poor are usually the ones who are most affected by air pollution and tend to have more health problems. We can easily solve this problem by using cleaner and more green energy sources.
The best way of solving this problem would be to use cleaner energy sources. Factories could switch geothermal, solar, wind, water, and etc sources instead of fossil fuels. This will cut down how much pollution factories are putting out. For cars and vehicles people could switch to hybrids or electric cars. People could also carpool, take public transportation, or not walk/bike to their destinations. Of course the ones being affected by these actions would be consumers, companies, and civilians. Hybrids and electric cars cost much more than normal cars, so that would be a good amount of money spent. Companies need to make a profit, so they always prefer to spend less money on resources, or consumers will have to pay more for their services, products and etc. Civilians will benefit from having a much cleaner city to live in.
This plan would be beneficial since people will have a much cleaner city to live in. This plan will also increase the health of its people and people will have fewer health problems later in life. This means that the national health of the United States will overall be better. This plan will also help cut down medical bill since people will have fewer health problems, due to living in a much cleaner environment. This plan of switching to reusable, and cleaner energy sources relates to urban sustain because by using reusable energy sources cities won’t have to rely on fossil fuels. This allows cities to sustain themselves by reusing energy sources they are widely available. Cities will be able to keep using reusable energy sources without the fear of them being gone and it will allow a much cleaner environment to live in.


One thought on “Blog 2 Health and sustainability

  1. I agree with you stating that cities should keep using reusable energy sources to keep the environment clean. I like how you included factors such as factories switching to a renewable energy source like wind, solar and etc.


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