Dangers of Pollution

Pollution is a danger to public health.  Pollution comes in many forms such as water, and air. Water pollution harms not only animals that live in the water but as well as humans. Every human need water to live because their bodies are made mostly out of water. If water were polluted, humans can’t drink it and will die from thirst.  In relation to energy, water can be used to produce electricity such as hydroelectric power plants where they convert the energy in falling water into electricity by passing it through turbines. The best action is to get the government involved. The government could create water filters to clean the water. This is the best plan because it relates to urban sustainability where the usage of water filters cleaning the water provides people water drinkable. This reduces the dangers of animals drinking polluted water and humans not being able to get clean water.

Air pollution are substances released in the air. Air pollution harms every living thing similarly to water.  Air pollution can cause long term health effects such as lung cancer, and heart disease.  This relates to energy because people drive automobiles every day that releases carbon into the atmosphere and it is trapped.  Other things such as factories pollute the air as well.  The best action to reduce air pollution is using public transport such as electric trains, and bikes.  This plan is beneficial because it reduces unwanted substances in the air causing the pollution. The government should be involved in addressing that public transport is a great way to reduce air pollution and this would also reduce the dangers of animals. This relates to urban sustainability because bikes and electronic trains would rely more on renewable energy sources rather than the usage of fossil fuels.






One thought on “Dangers of Pollution

  1. I can understand you ideas of both air and water pollution. That filtering the water will make it cleaner for people and animals to use and consume, but how can use that clean water as water power. Should we build mills around Lake Michigan to power the city? I also think we should build wind mills in areas that are usually windy, so we can use wind to help power the city.


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