Plants and Different Transportation

Although the diagram for a global ecosystem has natural environment considered the lowest, I do believe it should be the first priority and the best course of action. Going back to our roots of planting and utilizing different types of plants (I.e. protecting other plants, cleansing air plants, more oxygen, and produce plants, etc.) and promoting different types of transportation, such as bikes and trains. The people most affected the most would be the ones with respiratory problems and people with sedentary/inactive lifestyles since most of the time we are traveling in cars creating more CO2 emissions. Yes, they are efficient in traveling from point A to point B; however, they further contribute to the mass usage of cars on a daily basis. On the other spectrum, automobile and oil industries are affected economically because of green habits. Plants and cleaner types of transportation would influence the overall health linked with respiratory problems, contaminated waters while creating a local economy centered on food.



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