Pollution in Chicago

I believe pollution is a major issue that Chicagoland has to deal with. When being in the midst of dirty air, it is nearly impossible to see how much of the city’s air is polluted. Chicago used to be covered in soot to where people couldn’t even see the top of buildings! Since then the city of Chicago has been actively creating ways that improve air quality. There are many organizations that work together locally and nationally in order to combat air pollution. Unfortunately, throughout last year (2016), Chicago’s pollutant emissions increased significantly. Although air quality is within the moderate meter, Chicago does experience unhealthy air quality.

Some ways the city could be more efficient in keeping the air quality at a healthy meter would be to increase the amount of green space and green infrastructure, without gentrification. Possibly, turning abandonImage result for chicago air pollution buildings into green, functioning buildings for new businesses or tearing some down and planting green life. There are so many vacant lots of concrete throughout the city that are just sitting lifeless. Green space with naturally increase the health of the city people. Also, putting more trash cans and recycling bins on street corners, especially in low income areas, will improve health. I know when I see trash on the ground it gives me a bad feeling; I’m sure it gives many people the same bad feeling but if exposed to littered streets is a norm for neighbors, the littering won’t stop, it may just increase as the carelessness causes a ripple effect. Another way to improve air quality would be to increase access in rural/suburban areas to public transportation as well as improving the technology of public transportation by using electric engines. Making electric vehicles less expensive. Better public transportation would decrease CO2 emissions, create easier ways to commute, and reduce highway/street traffic.






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