Take a Ride With Garbage

Being in such a big city, there is no denying that we heavy populate this city and contaminate it. On public transportation, it is no exception that we contaminate it and leave it filthy. With garbage being left behind and not thrown in their proper place our public transportation has become rather disgusting. This has been an ongoing issue in which our public transportation system has been hit with germs, the worst, as this does not only imply buses but also trains alike. Since transportation is open to anyone and everyone more and more people are occupying but with that leave around garbage big or small. Just looking at the tracks underground in the subway you will always see amounts of garbage either in big piles or scattered around.

Obviously, this affects everyone no matter what age you are because this helps speared diseases and pollution alike. People that work with CTA have been cleaning and picking up after others but they carry enough responsibility as it is. Now this sounds repetitive but first procedures in order to make a plan is to spread awareness. A simple message is more powerful than most think but with time as people continue to see these awareness posters, signs, or fliers people will start to gain conscious. Then slowly start formulating small parties of people to help out in the community, the closest station and pick up garbage. This would help reduce the amount of garbage seen but this in terms would also lower health risks, diseases, and pollution. Because after all we the garbage with drop, not all of it can be decomposed and can in turn affect a city and the world altogether. It may be a small thing but with the help of others the little things we do can bring a big change one in which we can all live in a safer and cleaner world.






One thought on “Take a Ride With Garbage

  1. Yess! I completely agree with you. I feel like this is a topic that isn’t mentioned a lot because people are just coming and going with transportation. Aside from helping out with cleaning, I think that if there was more patrol and penalties over people that leave their garbage everywhere then, we could have a good start at cleaning things up. I mean, you hardly see anyone scolding someone over their garbage, and I feel like if people start pointing them out, then the overall population is going to be more thoughtful about where they throw away their junk. I love your idea though!


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