The first step in creating any kind of plan for green infrastructure or renewal project is to complete a cost-benefit analysis, its similar to a pros and cons list but needs more pros than cons. If the plan and cost-benefit analysis is approved then starts the easy part of developing that area. In Chicago there is usually a resentment to a renovation or new project in lower income neighborhoods because too often they implement middle to high end retail/grocery and begin to gentrify the area. What I’m proposing is to create a park with areas for local vendors, sports equipment, and simple covered picnic tables. With this park, those in low income areas such as the south and west side will have a place to gather near their homes to better each others business and to connect peacefully with one another. According to an article written by Kathleen L. Wolf, “Every small patch of nature in cities and built areas can be ‘hyperfunctional’ and provide co-benefits. While performing the primary purpose of stormwater management, green infrastructure also can be designed to augment park systems and provide places of respite, recreation, and delight.” Although this article is mainly about stormwater management, it is still prevalent in the positive affect on communal parks with its green patches creating a sense of peace and happiness. This project relates to urban sustainability because many of the projects that have been completed, or are being worked on, affect low income communities in a negative aspect because of the cost of living being raised by the stores moving into these new spaces and this new park will provide a free community space that will add green areas to our concrete jungle. Throughout my experience in the city there is little green space and it is much needed especially in the younger community for sports and recreational use.




One thought on “Un-Gentrification

  1. Awesome point on gentrification. I know many people from uninvested neighborhoods that would like to see their neighborhood cleaned up with new infrastructure, but they fear at the same time that they will not get to enjoy the nicer neighborhood because they will most likely be gentrified. I think that is a very important issue we need to look at when revitalizing neighborhoods.


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