Air Pollution

Chicago has been plagued by heavy air pollution for a long time. Since around the 70s, more laws and regulations have been passed to help reduce emissions and keep the air clean. This has worked for many years, especially with the advancements in technology. The current nationwide trend is decreasing air pollution across the board. However, recently air pollution, especially ozone, have increased and are becoming more problematic for the health of Chicagoans. According to the 2016 state of the air report, Chicago increased from 30 to 42 orange ozone days, and six to ten red ozone days from 2015-2016.

I believe the best course of action would be passing laws to weed out gas guzzling vehicles and soon enough become electric only. Electric cars have a bright future. They are not the solution, but definitely part of it. One immediate effect of switching to electric vehicles would be an enormous reduction in emissions. Many people drive to the city from the suburbs and from the city to the suburbs five or six days a week just for work. Reducing these emissions is just one step toward healthier air for all of Chicago. There’s a lot more we can do, and it all really boils down to energy. How we get our energy is important. If we switch to electric cars, but we don’t convert our energy production to renewables, then we aren’t making near as much progress as we need. Everyone is affected by this proposal, not just people who own or will own cars. Air quality matters to everyone because we all have to breathe. However, way we get our energy may seem distant to some people, but they should be aware, it greatly affects them and their health just as much.

This plan would not only help clean the air, but it would be beneficial to everyone. For one, we would no longer have to worry about gas prices. Maintenance would be much less intense and far easier across the board. Imagine not having to worry about getting an oil change anymore.


6 thoughts on “Air Pollution

  1. I think switching to completely electric cars is a great idea. The market for these cars is increasing every year and the technology continues to advance. I agree with you that this is only a solution if we are conscious about where the electricity sources come from.


  2. Air pollution has a played a major in the pollution in Chicago but also health wise. Electric cars will help in reducing the amount of air pollution. Which is a great idea, but we also have to take into consideration the cost of this cars. People are most likely going to be drawn to the cheapest means of transportation. If companies are willing to provide cost efficient and accessible vehicles I believe people will be drawn to this. We need to figure out ways to educate people on this matter and the benefit it is packaged with.


  3. Air pollution is a public health concern. Cars today do cause a huge problem from the natural gas used. Electric cars will help the situation. However, educating people about changing the transmission is hard because people prefer using natural gas to power their cars.


  4. In the city of Mexico City their government has limited their drivers the ability to use their cars. Depending on their license plate number means they can drive on specific days only. If they do not follow this regulation they are required to a pay a fee. This can be implemented in different cities around the world but not all. I would argue that we can not have this type of rule in Chicago because it is a very large city and it sometimes it takes people an hour drive to commute into the CBD itself. If our bus transportation system was more efficient and more properly managed than more people would feel encouraged to take the bus. The metra for example is steadily increasing their ticket price and as a result less people are willing to take the metra and prefer to drive. Making more “eco-friendly” transportation affordable is also an answer to helping reduce the amount of air pollution caused by cars on the streets.


  5. The idea to push more towards electric cars is great because this would be a benefit to everyone by having a better air quality. Also pushing more for people to switch through regulation would be a strong way to ensure that it happens. In the long run, the idea would benefit society a lot more but transition will be tough. There are factors of money and accessibility to electric cars that pose hurdles but once the ease of access to them is more ready, the transition will be smoother.


  6. It’s not a surprise that air pollution is one of our most prominent issues that we have to tackle. It will be very difficult for people to switch to electric cars and like you said it will affect everyone and it’s long-term, but it’s no better time than the present.


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