New Technology Improves Public Transportation in Bogota Colombia

According to Mass Transit Magazine, Bogota Colombia is one of the largest seven cities to not have a connecting train service, however they have developed a rapid bus transit system known as TransMilenio. This bus system allows 40,000 passengers to move from one direction to another per hour. This bus system allows itself to have a daily capacity of more than two million tips. The positive outcomes of this bus system are that it allows passengers to travel with ease due to the 457 routes it manages around the city, which means passengers can get from one place to another in minutes. It also helps reduce traffic since TransMilenio Buses have their own bus lanes designated for them. In regards to social equity, everyone can ride the bus regardless of social economic class because their pricing is low. According to the article TransMilenio is funded by large private companies and managed by the mayor. Overall, there is still room for improvement, whereas critics say that the maintenance of these TransMelenio buses needs to be kept in check so that they’re not harming the environment or releasing pollutants.




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