Adapting Architecture using Nature’s Methods

Building an environment and maintaining it is difficult but one way to minimize the resources buildings cost would be highly beneficial. We have a society has a problem where there is never time to build it right but there is always time to build it over. One way to build it right would be to look to nature in see what has be viable for centuries. Almost everything in our world, if not everything, is operated out of some sort of building so maintaining building infrastructure is important. This can be achieved through bio mimicry and restructuring building plans.

Nature has done a lot of research and development in order to figure out what is best to survive. Adapting buildings to better suit to the environment they inhabit would cut done on resources used to produce and maintain them. Also, using biomimicry to better harness the resources in certain areas.  If an area is subjected to a lot of rain, instead of the building just standing there it should have various ports to harness the rain water rather than having it flood of the sewer systems. Areas that have various temperature extremes throughout the day could benefit. An example from the article Biomimicry in Architecture by Rajshekhar Rao is about a volcano shaped building that has a mesh that can natural filter out sunlight to regulate temperature and the structure is built to hold its own weight during an earthquake.

To eliminate more problems that urban environments face, nature might be the best way to solve these problems. Focusing on designing build that limit resource consumption by adapting to the environment we are putting these buildings in. Using the ideas from nature to better build so there is less of a rebuilding process would greatly benefit on cost. Using nature to design architecture to better address the needs of the area. Nature has operated and is adaptable to many problems.




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