Array of Things


One urban innovation project that is currently going on in Chicago is Array of Things. It is an urban sensing project designed to track and measure several aspects of the city in order to make improvements in the future. Some of these include the city environment, infrastructure and public activity. The project aims to do this by installing sensor boxes all around the city. In the end, the project will give important information to researchers, engineers and many other important individuals.

Array of Things plays a very important role in the sustainability goals of Chicago. By monitoring these aspects of the city, it will allow these operations to be run more efficiently. The city can save money and also be more sustainable. As the article points out, this project serves as a “fitness tracker” for the city of Chicago that will allow the city to be healthier in its operations.


2 thoughts on “Array of Things

  1. The Array of Things sounds like a good urban innovation project, that the city of Chicago is implementing. My question would be why should the city of Chicago continue to invest in this project, when the city has other important problems. For example reducing gun violence, improving police interaction with the community, school funding, etc. This seems to me like Chicago should get it’s priorities straight and stop trying to become a “healthier city”.


  2. This is definitely a concept that could be applied to so many different measurable parts of the city in order to make improvements. There are a lot of issues to be addressed in the city of Chicago, but I don’t think they should brush aside Array of Things when it can be used in so many different ways. This kind of “fitness tracker” is exactly what a massive city needs in order to become healthier and more efficient.


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