H-E-B at Mueller

H-E-B at Mueller is a grocery store, cafe, and community meeting place located in Austin, TX that has met LEED Gold standards and 4 stars from Austin Energy Green Building. Completed in July of 2013, the building utilizes multiple sustainable systems such as propane refrigeration system, computer automated LED lighting, and a roof mounted photovoltaic field. These systems are part of H-E-B’s plan to create stores across Texas and Mexico that are much more efficient than a normal general store that uses conventional energy technologies. The sustainability out comes of this project are to provide an example of highly sustainable building practices to the entire retail industry. In Lawrence Sterling’s article, “Harnessing the Data Revolution for Urban Sustainability and Resilience.” he quotes the 2030 Sustainability Development goals set by the United Nations, “Efforts such as the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data, launched a year ago with the conclusion of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, can help cities and communities tap into an emerging global ecosystem to help make better use of data to solve local sustainability challenges.” H-E-B at Mueller plans to succeed those 2030 standards by 60% because of its tight airlock system and the aforementioned technologies. The airlock system is created by a large vestibule that uses air pressure to keep unwanted air out and keep the good air in, all separated from the main building, enhanced insulation, and walls sealed to the roof to make sure everything is air tight. Stemming from the desire to create an affordable socio-economic environment, H-E-B made sure to create lower operating expenses. This sustainable building creates an environment of progress and affordability because of all the improvements to energy. The lower operating cost reduces prices for consumers which then brings in more business and in-turn educates the public on better ways to conserve energy while maintaining business norms.



Top 10 Most Sustainable Architecture Projects of 2016: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/the-top-10-most-sustainable-architecture-projects-of-2016_us_5727856ee4b0b49df6abd9fe

H-E-B at Mueller:


Harnessing the Data Revolution for Urban Sustainability and Resilience: https://us130urbansustainability.files.wordpress.com/2017/01/harnessing-the-data-revolution-for-urban-sustainability-and-resilience-dipnote.pdf


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