Hong Kong’s rooftop farming

Hong Kong’s rooftop farming

The impact that this project has on our city’s sustainability goals is that this project is going to cause to the city to spend less money on import and export of farm grown food from one place to another. When you look at the trucks that are used to transport these goods, they are usually big trailers and trucks that emits large amount of pollution into the atmosphere. Not only does it cause them to reduce the number of trucks/trailers that travels, amount of chemicals used to grow these foods in order for them to remain fresh for a decent amount of time until they have been delivered. This is a concern for farmers when they ship their farm foods to the city. Another impact that this has on the sustainability plan of our city is that, more children will eat healthy and reduce the less requirement for GMOs foods. If families grow their own food, they will not depend on cooperations for their own food produce. Less GMO means that some habitats that are naturally affected by the use of this will no longer be killed off and destroyed as much. It would bring more diversity among habitats.   This project relates to all five factors of sustainability because first, the less food that are required for farmer to grow, the less farming vehicles will be used, less farming vehicle will also resolve less pollution in the atmosphere. It will be socially equated due to the reason being that each household/tenants will receive their farming about GMO. It would require economic to how it would reduce the cost amount of money required for transporting. For the people with health concern issues of farm foods, it would give them a great chance of growing their own type of food with or without any type of chemical that can later come back to hunt one’s health after consuming it.








One thought on “Hong Kong’s rooftop farming

  1. I love this idea of rooftop farming, so many roofs of buildings are bare and empty and wouldn’t be negatively affected at all by just starting a rooftop garden. I am glad to see this being implemented in Hong Kong because they need more plants in response to their massive urban scale dedicated to buildings and roadways. If this method gets to a large enough scale it could even provide habitat for life such as birds, bees, and other flying creatures. As long as we’re building massive buildings that take away precious land, we might as well disguise it in plants.


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