Mexico City Bans Free Plastic Bags

While Chicago has newly introduced a law that requires consumers to pay 7 cents per plastic bag, Mexico City has already banned shops and stores from giving away bags for free. In addition to that, bags must be biodegradable to lower waste pollution to promote better quality of life in the city.  The controversial method that the Mexican government has put the law in to place is by fining shop owners up to $90,000 for giving away free bags. If the store owner does not comply, they can also spend up to 36 hours in jail. Although this urban innovation may be beneficial for the physical environment, in can also place store owners in a much more difficult and dangerous position. Potentially, they could find themselves inundated in debt and losing their businesses. While this project may address the five factors for sustainable development, it is not purely to the benefit of Mexican residents. Furthermore, it may affect those of a lower socioeconomic class in the sense that there is less plastic waste polluting their communities and their workplaces. However, the plastic bag ban seems to not have the best intention in both the economic and the social equity sense for sustainable development. It is likely to benefit the federal government and ranking officials more than urban residents.



One thought on “Mexico City Bans Free Plastic Bags

  1. I agree with banning plastic bags to make a less polluted environment, but I don’t agree with this regulation benefiting the federal government more than the urban residents. In terms of the environmental affects it will essentially influence both classes equally because we all live on this earth together. If anything it would benefit the urban residents more because they are more likely to get sick from the bad environmental conditions than the higher class.


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