More Bicycles in Chicago

Many cities are now trying to use more sustainable and use less energy in the process. Some of the projects have more renewable energy uses. This helps with saving energy instead of using a lot of natural gas and coal. Chicago has one of the biggest climate changes recently with mild winters and extreme temperatures in the summer time. All these can be fixed if Chicago can further develop their transportation system. With Chicago being one of the biggest cities in the United States, carbon dioxide from people driving their cars have been an issue. With the limited green spaces in Chicago, carbon dioxide has been trapped in the atmosphere. With more than 50% of people get to commute by driving cars, it can be lowered by more people biking because about 2% of people bike to school.

An example of the transportation system that can be future developed is the Divvy bike system. Divvy has been around for awhile and can use more human energy instead of driving a car around. This can help reduce the carbon dioxide that is in the air and limit amount of natural gas and natural oil usage. Divvy in Chicago has given more of a faster and more fun way to get to point A to point B. Instead of riding the bus or driving a car around, it helps with giving a good cardio workout to the person and it saves on how much people spend on refilling their gas. Since there have been more and more

If this project can be expanded to more parts of Chicago, it can help a lot of people and the environment. Instead of polluting the air so much from cars, Divvy can give people exercise and money saving. Since Divvy haven’t been introduced in like parts of south side of Chicago and parts of the west side of Chicago. Also, if we can find a way to get biking to work in the winter time in Chicago, then there can be more people on bikes than taking any cars or public transportation.


3 thoughts on “More Bicycles in Chicago

  1. I completely agree with you on this. However I think they need to work on there pricing and payment methods. It is over 20$ to rent this bike and if you are just using it to go from point to point A you will need to keep it with you or just return and loose money. Not only that the only way of renting a bike is with a card and only two are allowed on one card. This is very inconvient for a lot of people as they only have one card or they have none at all. They could implement a cash method easily by making it so that that you need to text your phone a code to input into the machine.
    I believe once they refresh there systems to reach more income ranges there will be more people who use them. Even more than there are now.


  2. I definitely agree with this. There need to be more bicycles not just in the chicago but also in other states. The benefits of these bicycles are enormous. They can shape the rate at which pollution is been caused by through the means of transportation.


  3. I also agree with the other comments. Price can be an issue for some people. I think if we lower the cost it would attract more users. We need to consider accessibility in order to see changes happen.


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