Natural Structures and Formations

Bio-mimicry is seen as innovations for more energy efficient, ideas and natural ways nature has functions to be utilized. With some of man-made buildings requiring more energy to maintain a consistent temperature, while a termite mound requires no energy at all (8. The East Gate Development). Because species such as insects, birds, and even sea sponges have special functions that is applicable to buildings, not just limited for functionality but as a long lasting home. A close example of utilizing natural formation is with buildings similar to that of a dense forest (A Skyscraper Made of bones… Poon 4). This is to compensate for the Lavasa, India for being a hill city, which usually comes with the problems with monsoons, drought, and threats to erosion. The design of the building also slows down the speed of rainfall, similar to that of a tree’s leaves.

Nature inspired structures/ formations is energy efficient when it comes to building and functionality, it plays a role for using natural resources (i.e. temperature during the day and night, structure and materials found in natural habitats, curved structures) more effectively versus artificial resources (i.e. burning fossil fuels for electricity, steel beams and concrete to have a rigid structure, flat and edged structures). Overall, reducing the energy consumption amount significantly since natural aspects for a building is used rather than artificial aspects (i.e. buildings using air conditioning versus natural air temperature). It is more economically efficient since there are less resources dedicated to energy consumption.

Nick Taylor Buck:

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