Renewable Energy Efficiency For a More Sustainable Future

     To create sustainable technology, it has to use sources that won’t impact the environment in a long period of time (“Sustainable Technologies”). Sustainable technology relies mainly on renewable energy sources such as solar, and wind power (“Sustainable Technologies”). The role of this project is to encourage people to use less energy by using fossil fuels instead of renewable energy resources. The goal is that if cities used more renewable resources such as solar and wind energy, people can save money and less emissions of toxins will be released in the air. This would reduce diseases caused by the emissions.  

    The outcome of this project would reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This helps the environment because it helps people save money and again as stated before, it reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Using and creating more solar panels and wind turbines to implement in cities would also help the economy because it provides jobs for people to create this type of technology.

    Even though creating wind turbines and solar panels would cost a lot as well as trying to implement them, there are other ways of using energy efficiently. For example, LED light bulbs are very energy efficient and can last a very long time. These LED bulbs can cut energy usage by over 80% compared to using normal light bulbs and they can last 25% longer (“Use LED light Bulbs”). This proves that using LED light bulbs is a great way for a community to start being more sustainable. If people used more LED light bulbs, the energy saved can light up about  2.5 million homes (“Use LED light Bulbs”).

   The community can get involved and raise awareness together showing that how technology such as using renewable resources can contribute in creating a more sustainable environment. In relation to the LED example above, people can exchange regular light bulbs at home for LED light bulbs. In a short article, the US Department of Energy studies show that LED installed back in 2012 saved around $675 million in energy cost (“Use LED light Bulbs”). If the community were to come together and start using LED light bulbs, it would be easier to create a more sustainable future through this technology.


One thought on “Renewable Energy Efficiency For a More Sustainable Future

  1. Renewable energy is a great idea. It is pretty easy to use and produce since everything comes from nature. The only problem I have is how will store and generate the energy? Can renewable energy also produce as much energy as fossil fuels?


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