Science, Innovation and Technology

Incorporating science, innovation, and technology to urban sustainability will serve as a great resource in achieving cities sustainable development goals. Over the years we have come a long way with science and technology, now there is bio mimicry which is an approach that seeks a sustainable solution in helping to solve many challenges faced through the process of using nature. With the help of bio mimicry, there can be a combined effort in figuring out how to apply nature to some architectural designs. Innovations like this already exist for example the Shinkansen Bullet Train.biomimicry-01 “In the 1990s, a Japanese bird-watching engineer from the JR-West rail company, Eiji Nakatsu, took inspiration from the kingfisher, a fish-eating predator that darts in and out of the water barely causing a ripple. Nakatsu’s sleek design of a 50-foot train with a long steel beak is not only beautiful, but it reduced energy consumption by about 20 percent and enabled travel speeds of up to 300 kph (186 mph) between Tokyo and Osaka” (StansleyBeaman&Stear) .

Renewable technology is will be a great turn in investment if more works are put in place in establishing it in many cities. According to the Edienewroom article ”Renewable technology is already offering solutions to energy demand and generation questions, but it is the new applications, deployed across all sectors and in the home, that will deliver a re-imagining of how society works – as explored in the previous article in this megatrends series”. This is just the beginning of what technology as to offer when it comes to innovation and urban sustainability for many cities. The future of urban sustainability begins with many companies manufacturing and creating products that are resources to the climate and also takes advantage of the things that surround us. Investing in the future of sustainability will lead to such a great success that includes every sector of the sustainable development, Bill gates says “If we step up these investments, we can create new jobs in the energy sector and develop the technologies that will power the world — while also fighting climate change, promoting energy independence, and providing affordable energy for the 1.3 billion poor people who don’t have it today”.




One thought on “Science, Innovation and Technology

  1. I agree that the use of technology is going to offer some incredible innovations and advancements in the field of sustainability. Biomimicry is just one of the many ways we can start learning how to adapt our technology to best sustain ourselves and the environment. Did you find any examples or think of specific ways that biomimicry may be able to urban sustainability at the residential level? Are there ways that the general population can incorporate these ideas into their daily lives already, or are we just waiting for the technology to take us there?


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