Sustainable Baltimore


I’m originally from Baltimore, MD and I am a witness to the city not providing sustainable resources for the community. The Sustainable Baltimore Plan is meant to target and change the lives of over 9,000 citizens. The plan have 29 goals within 7 core areas of sustainability: cleanliness, pollution prevention, resource conversation, greening, transportation, environmental education and awareness, and green economy!

This plan addresses all 5 factors for sustainable development. Beginning with cleanliness, which could incorporate community involvement in the pursuit to eliminate litter on the streets, maintain clean public land, transform vacant lots and buildings into assets that provide social and environmental purposes, enhancing Baltimore’s environment. Pollution prevention in effort to eliminate Code Red days, reduce risk of hazardous material, improve the quality of Baltimore water bodies. Resource conversation to reduce Baltimore’s energy and water use, and minimizing waste production. The plan hopes to establish greener spaces by doubling Baltimore tree canopy, protect ecology and biodiversity. Improving transportation services, by placing community bikes, and car-pools. Baltimore wants to educate the children and community about sustainable practices and turn each Baltimore school into a green school.




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