Vertical Farming

Vertical Farming is a developing technology across the world that will assist the sustainability of the major metropolitan areas and mega cities slowly developing across the globe. This innovation of using specially made skyscrapers to conduct farming the middle of major city areas will assist cites with a new form of nutritious food supply readily available within the city. This will help with many cities development goals since it creates a green way of producing simple food that can use waste from other parts of the city to fuel its development. A similar thing can be see at The Plant here in Chicago where all the parts of the system support ins some way shape or form some of the other parts. By using this type of sustainable development we can create a good set of buildings that can help the sustainability of  major cities and their development.


One thought on “Vertical Farming

  1. I recall reading something about this, and it sounds like it could be an effective way of creating a green environment in urban cities. However, i would find it hard to visualize where in Chicago this could be effective. Whether they would be created in the outside of downtown or in there itself. Overall, interesting topic.


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