Waterway of Control

The concept of a water net is to (ideally) allow us to control the cycle/quality of water that runs through our system. Through this innovative project, we are able to control the water quality and efficiently protect our resources.

This project is important as it affects population growth, ecological threats and climate change make it difficult to control water.

Benefits of this project will include:

  • Protecting water resources.
  • Provide sustainable water cycle/systems.
  • Flood control and rainwater control.
  • Cut water loss percentage.

What we want:

  • New technologies that can be placed/used inside the sewage system.
  • Monitoring health policies/possible diseases.
  • Allows us to analyze bacteria and viruses.

Through advanced research, the ideal case would be to help reduce water loss, shorten repair cycles, and improve customer services.


This project addresses the factors that are involved with sustainable development in ways where:

  • It allows us to control water quality.
  • Locate weak points in our system.
  • Saving water = Saving money.
  • Detection of virus/bacteria can prevent pandemics.







3 thoughts on “Waterway of Control

  1. I agree, this is a good idea and anything connected to water is a good investment. Our fresh water is so limited so not wasting water is ideal.


  2. While this is a great project a few things to consider are-
    1. Does it call for installing new infrastructure or does it work with existing systems in place.
    2. Explosion of data, as we make more and more data available we become more vulnerable to a larger system.
    3. When every aspect of life is connected to the internet of things, the failure of one access point (a coffee maker) can have a domino effect on the entire the system/web, leading to potential shut downs of every social and economic activity.


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