8 House (Blog 3)


The end of 2010 marked a significant point in Danish architecture, 8 House by BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group) had just been completed. 8 House would be Denmark’s largest private development project. BIG has decided to experiment with the typically understood housing block to conscientiously develop a better typology for new housing developments, that enhance quality of life, promote interaction, and combine the suburban amenities with urban vibes. With layers of programs, rather than the typically understood clusters, one is motivated to move around the development interacting with neighbors that otherwise would not happen.


The most significant visual identity of the building is the sloping pathways that connect the different units and floors to one another via private gardens, cycle paths, other public attractions. This cycle path also promotes an efficient more sustainable way to ascend within a development, rather than use the energy to take an elevator to the floor of choosing.


Along the sloping the roofs, one can find 1,700 sqm. of green roof. This allows this development to combat the urban heat island effect. Not only do the green roofs provide an added benefit to ending the typical heat effect, the 8 House is also sloped in a way that allows one to capture the best sunlight, regardless the unit they have choose. This slope also promotes healthy breezes and air to flow through the two courtyards as a natural way to air condition these spaces.

Bjarke Ingel’s explaining his Project

“8 House is our second realized example of architectural alchemy – the idea that by mixing traditional ingredients, retail, row- houses and apartments in untraditional ways – you create added value if not gold. The mix allows the individual activities to find their way to the most ideal location within the common framework – the retail facing street, the offices towards northern light and the residences with sun and views to the open spaces. 8 House is a perimeter block that morphs into a knot, twisting and turning to maximize the life quality of its many inhabitants,” Bjarke Ingels, Founding Partner, BIG


Architectural Alchemy is a simple concept that combines social and economic factors of development in a certain environment to produce the best energy consumption and promote the highest quality of health for the inhabitants, and 8 House is one of the best examples of this concept.


Kelly Minner. “8 House / BIG” 20 Oct 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed 3 Apr 2017. <http://www.archdaily.com/83307/8-house-big/&gt;



2 thoughts on “8 House (Blog 3)

  1. The 8 house project seems like a better alternative to public housing. The way that you describe house are, “enhance quality of life, promote interaction, and combine the suburban amenities with urban vibe”, if this concept could be pick up here in the United States than the image of public housing would change.


  2. Very interesting topic, I think that it’s a modern form of public housing. Considering if this were to be developed in Chicago however, I wonder is cost would become an issue. Wish you could have added more of the economic outcomes of this project, but overall good topic.


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