USE-IT! Unlocking Social and Economic Innovation Together

In Birmingham, the city created a plan that tackles urban poverty in order to continue sustainability in the highly population area. City Planners focused on the highly-populated inner transect with high poverty and new migrant populations and created opportunities for citizens to self-motivate. “We will use the building of a new hospital, local social enterprise structures and universities rich in cultural and creative capital to enable the population to self-empower in a sustainable way.  This means increasing their employment prospects and their ability to engage and influence the public planning, investment and strategy that takes place in their localities.”(UIA WEBSITE) People in the communities will access jobs at the hospital and other opportunities involving  the large investment projects planned for the area. New businesses will be developed in the area by local citizens and even more people will find employment within these businesses.  This project can provide the community an uplifting for their aspirations and to access affordable educational and training opportunities.  With the success of this project, community planners hope their activities will fundamentally change the way these partners deliver and shape, education and training, investment, business support and community collaborations.


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One thought on “USE-IT! Unlocking Social and Economic Innovation Together

  1. I think this is a good idea but has a lot of drawbacks. Most hospitals and businesses are private owned and very few are owned publicly. As a result, they are focused on numbers more than resources. They are going to try to get the cheapest resources which are the educated. There is a huge cost factor of educating and then employing them. This is not the best approach.


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