Blog 4 – Policy & Regulations for Urban Sustainability

Blog 4 – Policy & Regulations for Urban Sustainability


NASA/Apollo 17 crew: taken by either Harrison Schmitt or Ron Evans.


Environmental Policy has been a rising sector in laws and regulation. On a federal level, the EPA is responsible for dealing with environmental policy and U.S. regulations regarding the environment. On a state and regional level, regulations become more specific to cater to that area’s specific needs.

Identify an environmental/sustainable policy or regulation anywhere globally.

Think about the following questions and address at least two of them: 1) What is its purpose and what issues prompted the rule to be put into effect in the first place? 2) Has the history or implementation of the regulation changed over time? 3) Has it been productive? If yes, in what ways? If not, what can be done to encourage people to abide by these regulations? 4) How do urban and national politics intersect around environmental issues?

Due 04/14

COMMENTING ON BLOG 4 due by 10 PM 04/21

Provide comments on at least two (2) blog posts, which offers valuable feedback and information and ultimately helps all classmates have a better understanding of the topic.




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