China’s Change on Coal

According to an article by the Huffington Post, Chinese officials announced that they wouldn’t produce new coal in the next three years. This is a great start at trying to improve their air quality and public health of their citizens. This new regulation would mean that the existing production would be cut by 500 million tons in the next three to five years. Hence, some of the positive outcomes would be that not only would they decrease the amount of nonrenewable resources, but they will also decrease their daily average particulate pollution of 155.2 (Willis, 2016). This also means that the level of fog in such areas like he city of Xingtai, the health of those people may see and improvement. According to some statistics, Chinas total emission usage has fell by three percent from last year so this will definitely lead to a decrease as well.

However, although this is a great start at trying to drop emission usage, both the U.S. and China cumulatively account for 40% of the worlds emissions, which means there’s still more work that needs to be done. Therefore, the Paris Agreement marks an important role in efforts of motivating other countries to begin taking a lead toward a sustainable world. The Paris Agreement allies with United Nations Framework Convention on climate change, which means they deal with greenhouse gases, adaptation and financing, all which will begin in 2020.  This is a start in which hopefully other countries can begin taking an initiative at reducing levels of pollution.





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