Clean Water Act

During the time of the industrial revolution, discharge/pollutants would be dumped into surface waters. This would be a danger to those that use the water source. Water quality is an important aspect of sustainability and health. The EPA established the clean water act to regulate the amount of discharge of pollutants from industrial facilities. This law is productive because it stops corporations from dumping large amounts of chemicals and pollutants into the water source of the community. There are enforcements to this law and the Office of Water maintains water quality. This law has had trouble addressing the issue of oil pipelines and plastic pollution in the oceans. Because both of these issues contribute to a risk of the communities drinking water local and global. But the law has been a good start in combatting against a main conflict of water pollution. Some people are against the regulations of the Clean Water Act and EPA in general. These individuals assumingly don’t see the issues of what pollutants and chemicals do their health and others health. Issues like these are hard for close minded people to take into consideration or they just don’t care. So this is why we need regulations and laws that prevent individuals from feeding off of the capitalistic system in a n

egative, unsustainable way.

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