Clean Water Act

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The Clean Water Act (CWA) established as a basic structure to discharged of pollutants into the water throughout the United States.  The clean water Act started in 1948 which was called the Federal Water Pollution Control Act.  In 1972 the act was reorganized and expanded.  The CWA is here today because the public wanted the government to be aware of the problems.  When the public did that the water pollution led to there being Amendments in 1972.

As the year went on using the Clean Water Act, there has been many laws that changed the CWA.  The Grear Lakes Critical Program Act of 1990 was part of the change of CWA.  Canada and the US have agreed to reduce how much toxic in the Great Lakes.




2 thoughts on “Clean Water Act

  1. Having clean water is definitely essential to humans day to day life.The Clean Water Act thus is an important part of providing clean water. The question would be, how is the Act providing clean water? What regulations has the Act put in place, and where are these regulations taking place?


  2. Clean water is important for people all over. This is one necessity for surviver. Incorporating ways clean water can be provided to people would be good.


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