Government protection

Oscar Du


The purpose of NEPA or the National Environmental Policy Act was created in 1969. It was created to fund research projects, construction, facilities, waste water management, and etc. The issues that prompted this to be implemented was waste of the city, pollutions, and controlling companies/corporation so they don’t pollute the water too much with their waste. The need for developing research and new innovative techniques to improve the environment and also protect it. The NEPA is also responsible for developing highway system this could stem from the 1900s nation defense system because the start of highways was a national defense system. It would tanks to move freely and transit between each city. The NEPA is also on a federal level responsible for making decisions on permits. Meaning that the NEPA can decided who gets what permit. According the EPA, the NEPA is “Using the NEPA process, agencies evaluate the environmental and related social and economic effects of their proposed actions. Agencies also provide opportunities for public review and comment on those evaluations”(“What Is the National Environmental Policy Act?” EPA. Environmental Protection Agency, 24 Jan. 2017. Web) . “Title I of NEPA contains a Declaration of National Environmental Policy. This policy requires the federal government to use all practicable means to create and maintain conditions under which man and nature can exist in productive harmony(“What Is the National Environmental Policy Act?” EPA. Environmental Protection Agency, 24 Jan. 2017. Web).
Urban sectors and national policies intersect because if a corporation does something in the urban environment it could affect its citizens. For example, let’s say that a oil company wants to dump its waste into the city’s lake. This could cause massive contamination of the lake and affect the water the citizen of the city uses. This will cause many diseases to spread and many health problems to run rampant in the city. There will be many deaths because of this massive contamination. If there was government or national interference they could easily enforcement regulations on companies. This will help limit the spread of disease and nation wide contamination  of the environment. This will also help prevent a worldwide epidemic of diseases and health problems to be spread. It is government job and policies to make sure that nation is protected from companies contamination of the environment and protect its citizens from the companies waste dump. This will protect citizens from disease and health problems.


3 thoughts on “Government protection

  1. If one were to intentionally introduce chemicals into water supply, what could be done to stop them immediately or in the future? It is hard to give an exact answer since there are thousands of ways to purposefully and accidentally pollute a water source.


  2. I agree that the government should enforce regulations on companies to help reduce pollution. I do agree with you saying that that government is responsible for protecting us from contamination but I believe citizens are also responsible in protecting the environment.


  3. What are/some of the requirements one would need in order to obtain a permit? Or how can we ensure that qualified people use the permits purposefully?


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