Green Buildings around the Globe

Incorporating sustainable building into cities around the globe will definitely help promote a better climate and also convenient living methods for the globe at large. “The United states Green Building Council (USGBC), in partnership with C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group (C40) and the World Green Building Council (WGBC), released a compendium of briefs that showcase the sustainability, building energy use and climate change policy work of cities across the globe” (Cecilia Shutters). The benefit of this collaboration is will one a great benefit for the climate and also for a greener and sustainable living lifestyles. The United States Green Building created a diagram to better explain their goal for creating new cities and what other sectors are related.
Including these varileedcert1ous areas in building a city will definitely help to promote the nation’s health. According to Cecilia, “The findings within these briefs indicate that cities are making impressive investments to create more resilient and sustainable built environments, as well as impact the health and wellbeing of their citizens,” said Roger Platt, president of the U.S. Green Building Council. “Many mayors are forging the path toward a more sustainable future, and cities are the lifeblood of policy innovation. The collective impacts and outcomes showcased across these briefs show thoughtful leadership and innovation.”
Projects like this have been their implementation all over cities in the globe, for example, Accra, Egypt, South Africa, the United States and many more states around the globe. The elected officers of the countries have begun to see the advantages of an implementation of C40 cities and sustainable means when it comes to buildings.


One thought on “Green Buildings around the Globe

  1. This is definitely something that needs to be done. This initiative will certainly help move us toward a sustainable future. Buildings don’t last forever, so when we need to rehab or rebuild them, we need to make sure they’re energy efficient. This will allow them to be slowly replaced over time and eventually be completely energy efficient.


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